Backup & Support:

  • Strong brand equity within our market segments.
  • Technical expertise in terms of design and manufacture.
  •  Modern and clean packaging, displays and labels.
  • All products labelled, bar coded and numbered for easy ordering & distribution.
  • Stock availability with a 95% fill rate.
  • Fast and effcient logistics and deliveries, nationally and internationally.
  • Ongoing training and support.
  • Customised marketing and sales materials.
  • Expert merchandising with display stands available to order.
  • In-house repair centre.

Diversified Markets & Risk

Diversified Markets & Risk:
  • A product range for both retail and wholesale markets.
  • Room for national, regional and local agents and distributors.
  • High volume and high value product mix.
  • Multiple markets and multiple segments within the construction industry.
  • Catering for both the new works and renovation markets.


Existing Distributors

  • We are in it for the long term, so well established and successful businesses make for good long- term partners.
  • It is much easier to successfully implement a business plan and strategy you already understand.
  • Existing qualified staff facilitate easier transformation and success.
  • Existing business premises and structures allow you to focus on your core business – Distribution and Sales.


  • Nothing beats experience – so experience counts towards a successful partnership.
  • Expertise in selling our kind of products.
  • An existing client base and successful sales track record.
  • Being a world class marketing and sales executive.

Business Values

  • Most importantly we require partners with honesty, integrity and business ethics.
  • Partners with passion, drive, focus and commitment.
  • Long term goals and vision.

No Minimum Order Quantity

  • Less shelf and storage space required.
  • Less capital outlay.
  • Less inventory to manage and count.
  • Regular deliveries available.
  • Stock availability so you won’t run out.
  • Large product range to amortise costs

Your 1-Stop Shop

  • Our unique and specialised range of products available to you under one roof.
  • Our high quality, customised, fit for purpose range of products – tried and tested with decades of practical on – site experience.
  • Increased business and profits due to limited competition.
  • Save time sourcing, designing, labelling and testing.
  • No restrictive minimum order quantities.

Our Target Market

  • Wholesalers to retail
  • Wholesalers to the trade
  • On-line retailers
  • Chain stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Speciality paint manufacturers and stores
  • Epoxy manufacturers and distributors
  • Tile stores
  • Speciality flooring stores
  • Speciality drywalling stores
Our Target Market

Product Packaging & Design

ROX Tool Stand

At FLOORSHQ™ we have decades of hands-on practical field experience, so we design and test everything in-house:

  • Products
  • Packaging
  • Labels
  • Operating Systems
  • Method Statements
  • Training Manuals
  • “How to” booklets
  • Conveying the brands message.
  • We understand the importance of high quality and informative packaging and labels.
  • Allowing consumers to make easy and informed choices.
  • Making the required differentiation between products.
  • Eliminating the need for training and specialised staff.
  • Easy display and packing.

Value for Money

At FLOORSHQ™ we strive to produce the best quality tools and products at the best possible price to provide the best value products and offerings available. We therefore manufacture various products in various locations to optimise value.

We manufacture in:

  • South Africa
  • Europe
  • Asia

Retail Display

Construction Display

Construction Display

Tiling Display

Tiling Display

Soft Flooring Display

Soft Flooring Display

Drywalling Display

Drywalling Display

Building Display

Building Display

Epoxy Display

Epoxy Display

Concrete & Plaster Display