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Flooring Installation Tools, Equipment and Supplies

FLOORSHQ manufactures and distributes tools & flooring products under three core brands: ROX®, STONESHIELD & RAZOR®

With decades of practical installation experience and a specialist product and tool range we provide a 1-stop shop for product and service.  We understand what we design, manufacture and sell.  We know how to use the products we sell. We know what you need to install it – right the first time.

At FloorsHQ we don’t sell products we sell “peace of mind”. Expertise in all facets of flooring, making sure that your purchase has been tried and tested and is fit for purpose. With decades of hands-on practical field experience every product in the FloorsHQ range has been meticulously designed and tested in-house to ensure that the raw materials, products, packaging and labels meet today’s demanding standards.

We strive to produce the best quality tools and products at the best possible price to provide the best possible value.
At FloorsHQ our brands stand for “best in class”, offering detailed quality, superior performance, durability and value for money. We cover tools and treatments for hard floors, soft floors, thick floors, thin floors and everything inbetween.

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