Grout- Lift ™ TM


An inhibited acid based cleaner for the removal of cement and grout residues from natural stone, slate, terracotta, bricks, glazed and unglazed ceramics. An inhibited acid prevents attacks or tarnishes to metal surfaces. Contains emulsifying detergents to remove oils and grease.


For light cleaning, dilute one part GROUT LIFT to 20 parts water. Coverage approx. 40 m² per litre. For medium cleaning, dilute one part GROUT LIFT to 10 parts water. Coverage approx. 20 m² per litre. For heavy cleaning, dilute one part GROUT LIFT to 5 parts water. Coverage approx. 10 m² per litre.

Method of Application

Always test on a small area first, to ensure suitability and desired result. On glazed and non-porous surfaces, do not pre-dampen. On porous surfaces, always pre-dampen the surface to prevent the acid from being absorbed too rapidly. Remove excess water prior to application of GROUT LIFT. For floors – apply diluted GROUT LIFT by mop, sponge or plastic watering can. For walls – apply diluted GROUT LIFT by spray, sponge or block brush. Allow 10 – 15 minutes for the product to work. Do not allow to dry out on the surface. Agitate with a nylon bristled brush or broom, and then rinse well several times. If surface or tiles are to be sealed, ALWAYS neutralise surface with STONESHIELD DEEP CLEAN. Neutralising helps prevent sealer failure. Thereafter continue to use STONESHIELD DAILY CLEAN as the cleaner for the tiles. Daily Clean helps to prolong the life of the sealer used.


Not for use on marble, travertine, limestone, cement tiles and pavers or terrazzo.


Ensure good ventilation and avoid breathing vapours. Avoid skin and eye contact. Wear goggles, gloves and suitable protective clothing when necessary. Keep out of reach of children

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