Ceramic & Porcelain Tile Cleaner TM


CERAMIC & PORCELAIN TILE CLEANER is a concentrated detergent cleaner formulated for gentle everyday use. Use internally and externally to remove surface soiling and general dirt. Eliminates soap build up and reduces hard water deposits.


Suitable for use on glazed and unglazed ceramics, polished and unpolished porcelain.


Dilute ¼ cup of STONESHIELD CERAMIC & PORCELAIN TILE CLEANER to 5 litres of warm water. Approx. Coverage per 5 liter bucket should be between 25m² - 40m².

Method Of Application

Sweep floor first to remove loose debris. Apply solution to the floor using a clean mop or sponge squeegee. Agitate with a soft-bristled broom to remove stubborn dirt and clean grout lines. Remove dirty solution with a mop or sponge and squeeze into an empty bucket. This will prevent the dirty water from contaminating the cleaning solution.


Avoid skin and eye contact. Keep out of reach of children and pets and store away from other chemicals.

Available in concentrate sizes: 1L & 5L & 25 L

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