X-Treme-Clean ™ TM


STONESHIELD X-TREME CLEANTM is a water-based biodegradable non-scratching abrasive cream cleaner designed to remove factory-applied waxes, light grout residue, rubber and pencil marks and ingrained dirt from textured and difficult to clean surfaces.


Suitable for use on textured ceramics, polished and unpolished porcelain tiles and natural stone.


Use undiluted as supplied directly onto the surface to be cleaned. Coverage approx. 10 – 40 m2 per litre depending on texture of surface and severity of soiling.

Method of Application

Always test on a small area first, to ensure suitability and the desired result. Sweep or vacuum cleaner to prevent scratching from any surface grit. Pre-wet the surface to be cleaned and apply STONESHIELD X-TREME CLEAN undiluted. Use a standard speed buffing machine of 175-300 R.P.M using a red or a blue nylon pad. For smaller areas, scrub by hand with a red or blue nylon pad or brush. Inspect the floor to ensure the desired result has been achieved prior to rinsing with clean water. All residue should be removed using a wet & dry vacuum, sponge or mop. Rinse a second time if required.

STONESHIELD X-TREME CLEAN cannot remove hardened grout and cement residues.

STONESHIELD GROUT-LIFT is specifically formulated for the removal of grout and cement residues, calcium deposits and lime on acid resistant surfaces.


Avoid skin and eye contact. Keep out of reach of children and pets and store away from other chemicals. Do not allow contact with other sensitive surfaces.

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