Granite Polishing Powder TM

Method of application - Part A & B

Always test on a small area first, to ensure suitability and desired result. Tile surface should be clean, dry and free of sealers, waxes and grout residue. Shake the container well before use. Sprinkle about 20 grams of STONESHIELD GRANITE POLISHING POWDER part A per square metre and mix it with approx. 25 c.c. of STONESHIELD POLISHING POWDER part B (liquid) to form a polishing slurry. Buff using a standard speed (175 RPM) (single rotary machine) floor polisher fitted with a steel wool pad size “0” for dark granites or a white fibre pad on medium and light coloured granites until the desired level of shine is achieved. Rinse well with clean water. Work in a regular pattern to ensure that a consistent overlap is achieved so that an even polish is achieved. Use a wet & dry vac to remove all remaining product.

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