Marble Polishing Powder TM


STONESHIELD MARBLE POLISHING POWDER is an acidic polishing powder designed to remove light surface scratches and uneven wear patterns to create an even high gloss polished surface finish. The polished surface is now ready to be crystallised or sealed.


Suitable on polished marble, travertine and limestone and cement based terrazzo.


Approx. 50 m2 per kilo depending on porosity, surface texture, hardness of stone and method of application.

Method Of Application

Always test on a small area first, to ensure suitability and desired result. Tile surface should be clean, dry and free of sealers, waxes and grout residue. Sprinkle STONESHIELD POLISHING POWDER liberally over a 5 -10 m2 area and add water to form polishing slurry. Buff using a standard speed (175 RPM) floor polisher with a white synthetic floor pad. Do not allow the slurry to dry out. Polishing powder or water may be added as required. Squeegee wet slurry to check the desired result has been achieved before removing the slurry with a wet & dry vac.

Rinse well with clean water. Work in a regular pattern to ensure that a consistent overlap is achieved so that an even polish is achieved. Harder marble stone may require multiple applications or longer buffing time. An orange peel effect will be achieved if over application occurs.


Not intended for use on granite, synthetic marble and polished porcelain. May not be effective on certain green marbles. Severely damaged or worn surfaces may require diamond polishing or professional assistance.


Ensure good ventilation and avoid breathing dust particles. Avoid skin and eye contact. Wear goggles, gloves and suitable protective clothing when necessary. Keep out of reach of children and pets and store away from other chemicals. Do not allow contact with other sensitive surfaces.

Under no circumstances shall STONESHIELD accept any liability for damage, direct or consequential, arising from any use or misuse of our products. Always test first. No warranties express or implied, including those of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose extend beyond the description on this label. Determining suitability of product shall be the sole responsibility of the user.