Clay Bricks

clay bricks


  • Stoneshield Brick and Masonry Cleaner
  • Stoneshield Deep Clean


Stoneshield Home & Dry brick and masonry repellent. (non colouring)


Stoneshield Quarri Seal (colour enhancement). Not recommended for high walls.


Stoneshield Daily Clean

Stoneshield Grout Cleaner

We recommend you use Stoneshield Brick and Masonry Cleaner to clean a new brick wall to remove grout residue. You need to then neutralise the brick and masonry cleaner with Stoneshield Deep Clean. Once the wall is dry we recommend you seal with Stoneshield Home & Dry brick and masonry repellent which will not change the colour of the bricks and will leave no surface layer. Should you want to enhance the colour of your bricks, then you should seal with Stoneshield Quarri - Seal. This will enhance the colour and it will leave a protective surface layer.


A brick is a block of ceramic material, usually clay, used in masonry construction, usually laid using mortar. The soft mud method is the most common as it is the most economical. Raw clay is mixed with sand and water and placed in steel moulds and then pressed with a hydraulic press. The shaped clay is then fired at between 900 deg C and is mixed with water and then forced through a die to create a uniform block of material that is then cut into bricks by means of wires. Face bricks have different thermal properties from solid bricks.

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