• Stoneshield Deep Clean.


  • Stoneshield Marble, Granite or Travertine Sealer (Water and oil repellent).
  • OR

  • Stoneshield Penetrating Sealer - Colour Enhancer (Water and oil repellent).
  • OR

  • Stoneshield Penetrating Sealer - Natural Look (Water repellent).
  • The above sealers, apart from Stoneshield Penetrating Sealer - Colour Enhancer will not change the colour of the stone or leave a surface layer.


Stoneshield Daily Clean.

Stoneshield Grout Clean.


Stoneshield Marble Polishing Powder.

Stoneshield Marble Crystaliser.


Marble is a hard crystaline metamorphic rock formed by altering limestone, dolomite or serpentine sedimentary rock composed primarily of calcium carbonate (calcite) under extreme heat and pressure (low grade metamorphism) Because of impurities such as graphite, pyrite and ilmenite marble ranges in colour from mainly white or grey to black, green, pinks and reds. As marble is a natural material, its make-up varies enormously from one type to another, and even in different areas within the same piece of marble. Generally, marble is named after the place it was quarried or from the actual colour. Marble is used internally and externally on floors, walls, countertops and building facades. All marbles are particularly susceptible to acid damage, making acid rain a significant problem. It is therefore imperative to clean all marble with a neutral or mild alkaline cleaner only and to seal or treat with the correct impregnator or sealer. Marble is available in blocks, tiles, slabs and cladding either polished, honed, tumbled or natural.

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