• Stoneshield Grout Lift
  • Stoneshield Deep Clean


  • Stoneshield Sandstone Sealer. This will keep the sandstone light and give a gloss finish.
  • OR

  • Stoneshield Quarri-Seal. This will enhance the colour of the sandstone and give a satin finish.
  • OR

  • Stoneshield Quarri-Sea Mattl. This will enhance the colour of the sandstone and give a matt finish.


  • Stoneshield Daily Clean.
  • Stoneshield Grout Cleaner.


Sandstone is a sedimentary rock consisting of fine grains of silica quartz, and feldspar "cemented" together with fossils, clay, calcium carbonate and iron oxide. Sandstone is extremely durable and hard wearing being mainly silica varying in colour, texture, layering and composition.

As a result of impurities, sandstone varies from natural silica colours such as off-white, yellow, brown, beige and mustard to pinks, greens and reds. Sandstone is used internally and externally on floors, Walls and building facades. Most sandstone are acid resistant although certain sandstone colours have naturally occurring iron oxide which will rust or change colour after acid washing. Natural sandstone has a rough, granular surface texture and requires sealing to facilitate easier cleaning. Sandstone in general is porous and requires sealing to reduce staining. Sandstone is available in blocks, tiles and cladding, either polished, honed or natural.

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