• Stoneshield Grout Lift
  • Stoneshield Deep Clean


  • Stoneshield Quarri-Seal. This will enhance the colour of the sandstone and give a satin finish.
  • OR

  • Stoneshield Quarri-Sea Mattl. This will enhance the colour of the sandstone and give a matt finish.
  • OR

  • Stoneshield Premium Pluss. Use indoors only in high traffic areas i.e. hotels. This sealer will enhance the colour of the stone and give a high gloss finish.


  • Stoneshield Daily Clean.
  • Stoneshield Grout Cleaner.


Slate is a fine grained metamorphic rock formed from an original shale type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash subjected to heat and pressure (Low grade metamorphasim). The result is a layered rock which is easily split into thin sheets. Theses sheets are then cut into regular shaped sizes. Slate is mainly composed of quartz and illite. When impurities like iron oxide are trapped between layers of shale, multi-coloured slate is formed varying in colour. Slate varies in colour from shades of grey and black through greens and browns to reds and yellows. Slate can be used for roofing, interior and exterior flooring and wall cladding. Sealants are required to improve durability and apperance, increasing stain resistance. Slate is supplied in regular and irregular sizes as tiles or cladding in varying thickness.

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