• Stoneshield Deep Clean


  • Stoneshield Marble, Granite or Travertine Sealer (Water and oil repellent).
  • OR

  • Stoneshield Penetrating Sealer - Colour Enhancer (Water and oil repellent).
  • OR

  • Stoneshield Penetrating Sealer - Natural Look (Water repellent).

The above sealers, apart from Stoneshield Penetrating Sealer - Colour Enhancer will not change the colour of the stone or leave a surface layer.


  • Stoneshield Daily Clean.
  • Stoneshield Grout Cleaner.


Travertine is a sedimentary banded compact rock variety of limestone, formed along streams particularly around hot or cold springs. Calcium carbonate is deposited when evaporation of the water leaves a solution of calcite. Travertine usually has voids pores and cavaties formed by water and gasses during compression over time.

Travertine is mostly available in colour from cream to beige. Travertine is used internally and externally on floors, walls and building facades. All travertine is particularly susceptible to acid damage, making acid rain a significant problem. It is therefore imperative to clean all limestone with a neutral or mild alkaline cleaner-only and to seal or treat with the correct impregnator or sealer. Travertine is available unfilled (natural) or factory filled (smooth). Travertine is available natural, honed, tumbled or polished.

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