Concrete Floor Sealing: What is Concrete? 

Concrete Floor Sealing

Concrete Floor Sealing

Concrete consists of water, Portland cement, sand, fly ash, slag cement, and aggregates such as gravel, limestone, granite, or agate. When combined with water and aggregate, powdered Portland cement hardens by hydration. The concrete is poured semi-liquid, laid, and then compacted to solidify. Concrete floor sealing is important to maintain the floor. Concrete is the most-used man-made substance.


Concrete Floor Sealing: The Curing Process


After 28 days, you will need to seal the concrete. New concrete is alkaline and will harm the sealant. Concrete cures via hydration and shouldn’t be sealed with more than 4 to 5% moisture. Wet concrete sealer fails.


Concrete Floor Sealing: Why Seal Concrete?


Natural concrete floors need sealing to prevent:


  • Sealing minimises concrete porosity and discoloration from, for example, engine oil
  • Sealing protects against acids and alkalis.
  • Sealing increases the concrete’s appearance.
  • Sealing avoids surface wear and dusting.
  • Sealing increases abrasion resistance and surface protection.


Recommended Concrete Floor Sealing Products

Pre-sealer Floor Cleaning


Surface filth, contamination, red soil stains, and laitance may all be removed from concrete with acid-based cleaners such as Stoneshield Brick and Masonry Cleaner

Stoneshield Brick and Masonry Cleaner

Stoneshield Brick and Masonry Cleaner


Acid-based cleansers may remove surface filth, pollution, red soil stains, and laitance from concrete. Surface etching is crucial for adherence. Sealer failure results from improper etching. Etch concrete using an inhibited acid that prevents metal rust such as Stoneshield Brick and Masonry Cleaner™ 


Concrete must be fully dry, with 4-5 percent moisture and a 80-grit sandpaper-like finish before proceeding with sealing. 


Stoneshield Premium Plus™

The Stoneshield Premium Plus™ is a twin pack, premium non-yellowing solvent-based urethane sealer that delivers high gloss, superior stain resistance, anti-dusting, and maximum stain and surface protection. Penetrating sealer that intensifies colour with a ‘wet look’ finish. Limited to indoor use.

Stoneshield Premium-Plus™ is a premium quality, non-yellowing, high-solids solvent-based twin pack polyurethane sealer.

Stoneshield Premium-Plus


  • Natural and oxided cement screeds and floors
  • Impression paving
  • Industrial and oxided concrete
  • Oxided cement screeds
  • Best for high-traffic industrial and commercial concrete flooring, including garages and warehouses
  • Commercial and household concrete floors that require high surface protection and stain resistance


Stoneshield Cement-Sealer™ 


Stoneshield Cement-Sealer™ is a non-yellowing solvent-based resin sealant with a satin finish, improved stain resistance, and surface protection. Penetrating sealer that intensifies colour with a ‘wet look’ finish. Suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes.



  • Natural and oxided cement flooring
  • Impression paving 
  • Cement tiles 
  • Pavers and cobbles 
  • Low-traffic and domestic concrete floors


Stoneshield Wall-Cladding-Sealer™ 


The  Stoneshield Wall-Cladding-Sealer™ is a premium grade, natural appearance, solvent-based penetrating water repellent that protects against rain, moisture, airborne filth, pollution, mould, and mildew. Transmits water vapour. The sealer is suitable for both Interior and exterior usage.



  • Cement bricks and blocks 
  • Fibre cement
  • Concrete, 
  • Masonry
  • Artificial stone


Limitations: To ensure that the best results are achieved when using this sealant, take note of the following limitations and precautions:

  • Do not apply to wet floors or surfaces. 
  • Wash the floor surface, and wait 24 hours before sealing. 
  • Consult the product label for drying timeframes. 
  • Do not moisten sealed flooring for 24 hours. 
  • Depending on the sealer, allow 4-8 hours before foot traffic.