Ceramic Tiles (Vitrified)

Vitrified, Full-Bodied and Split Tile are all terms used to describe the type of tile used mainly for industrial or heavy-duty applications where the whole body of the tile has been heated to such a high temperature and held at high temperature for so long that the entire tile becomes almost vitrified and extremely hard.

These tiles are sometimes made by the “split-tile” method, where the clay is extruded into shape in a double form, and then, after firing, split by means of a cutter. This is why the term “Split Tile” is often used to describe vitrified tiles, although this method of manufacture is sometimes also used to make low-fired clay tiles. Punched clay tiles can be made by the same method. Although extremely hard and dense these tiles do require sealing to prevent staining from mineral oils, fats and organic matter. Sealing also reduces water staining in these tiles. Repellents or impregnators are best used for these types of tiles due to their low porosity. Water-based sealers and repellents are not recommended for these types of tiles.

Stoneshield Natural-Look™ is a solvent-based, water, rain & stain repellent sealer. Provides a no-sheen, natural look finish with no colour change. A penetrating sealer with invisible protection. Can be used both internally and externally.