Vinyl Tiles, Vinyl Sheeting, Lvt’s & Lvp’s

Vinyl flooring today is manufactured in multiple formats as tiles, sheeting or planks. Vinyl may come in click LVT , glue down LVT or rigid core vinyl. Vinyl comes in many different looks, colours and finishes from smooth to textured.

Vinyl is a type of plastic polymer which is cast into sheets of between 2 and 4 mm. in thickness. Certain vinyl’s may be pre-sealed or treated at the factory to reduce damage during installation but requires sealing and regular maintenance to protect against wear and tear and solvent attack. New technology vinyl comes pre-sealed with a polyurethane wear layer. Protecting the wear layer will increase the life of the vinyl. Only water-based sealers and polishes should be used on vinyl surfaces. Solvent based products will attack the vinyl polymer.

Stoneshield H20 Seal & Shine™ is a water-based, water, rain & stain repellent sealer. Provides a surface gloss finish, slight colour enhancement, with surface protection. Can be used both internally and externally.

Stoneshield H20 Seal & Shine™ is suitable for use on –
All types of vinyl surfaces.

Stoneshield Protect & Shine™ is a water-based, buffable, polymer polish. Provides a high gloss surface finish, and surface protection. Can only be used internally.

Stoneshield Protect & Shine™ is suitable for use on –
All types of vinyl surfaces.