Glazed Ceramic Tiles

Glazed ceramic tiles are made by applying a ceramic glaze to the surface of a clay tile and then vitrifying the glaze by subjecting the tile to temperatures of between 600 and 1300 degrees Celsius.

The surface of the glazed ceramic tile is therefore close in chemical nature to a pigmented glass, and is subsequently resistant to chemicals and is non-porous in nature. Glazed ceramic tiles may be high gloss or matt and may have a smooth uniform or profiled surface. Sealing of glazed ceramic tiles is not recommended. The sealing of the grout between the tiles is however recommended to resist staining and allow for easier cleaning.

Stoneshield Grout-Sealer™ is a solvent-based, water, rain & stain repellent sealer. Provides a no-sheen, natural look finish with no colour change. A penetrating sealer with invisible protection. Can be used both internally and externally.

Stoneshield Grout-Sealer™ is suitable for use on –
All cementitious grouts between ceramic and porcelain tiles.